Bankruptcy Fears Prevents Many Who Would Benefit from Applying

Bankruptcy Fears Prevents Many Who Would
Benefit from Applying

Liz Weston observes that the mystery isn’t why so many people file for bankruptcy each year, it’s why more people don’t. Only a fraction of the Americans who could benefit financially from bankruptcy actually seek relief. Economists say some don’t file because collectors aren’t aggressively pursuing them, while others may strategically delay filing because bankruptcy could benefit them more down the road. Read her article to get beyond the fear and misperceptions and learn why bankruptcy may be your solution.

View Liz Weston’s entire Fear of bankruptcy holds too many people back article. Liz Weston is a columnist for personal finance website NerdWallet

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Are you tired of Debt? Are you behind on your house, vehicle, and other secured debts? Don’t let bankruptcy fears paralyze you and keep you from getting the legal relief you need. Federal law can allow you an opportunity to save your home and cure your mortgage arrears through a repayment plan. Federal law can allow you to restructure your vehicle notes. Federal law may allow you to eliminate your credit card debt by filing for bankruptcy!

Our Law Firm will analyze each financial situation and help determine which Chapter is best for you. We have helped thousands get rid of, reduce, and/or reorganize their debt the right way AND the best way for each individual situation.

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